About Us

Team of brand support experts providing content, creative, customer contact, sales support, social monitoring, database marketing and software solutions for some of the UK’s best loved brands.

Some interesting facts about us:

  • 18 years of experience
  • Over 15,000 SKUs managed
  • Apx 250,000 contacts across different channels
  • Nearly every new customer joining us from a recommendation

Functioning as an extension of your operation we deliver a scalable solution for all size and types of brands. Over the years we have worked closely with brand in sectors such as food & drink, baby, pet, nutrition and health supplements and our market knowledge has helped us refine our offerings to add maximum value to your brand.

Parade specialism:

  • Team members are food lovers, savvy shoppers, discerning parents & pet owners
  • We deal with allergen, dietary, nutritional and sensitive enquiries daily
  • Adept at cultivating loyalists among your consumers
  • Team experienced at cross and up selling
  • Superior data analysis capability for actionable insight
  • Proactive influencing for better brand interaction; not just reactive
  • Sales support and order fulfilment for brands
  • Experts in UK food & drink consumer journey
  • Powered by cutting edge software solutions

Main Service Areas:

  • Customer Care Engagement
  • Social Monitoring
  • Software & Reporting
  • Crisis and contingency Support
  • Representing global food & drink brands in UK