Case Studies

Some useful examples of how brands can benefit:

Mid-size Food Manufacturer with Global ambition in the UK

Fuelled by impressive local success, ambitious brand sought global presence and naturally therefore, entry into the UK. Originally partnering for the contact management side of the operation only, over time we took over as their UK touchpoint for major other activities including market research, lab testing and technical audits, managing the distributor and other agencies. Today, they have established retail presence and success in the UK.

Improving customer care team performance and reporting using Pinnacle CRM

For small to medium size food manufacturers with inhouse customer care personnel, logging and keeping track of the customer care interactions and producing meaningful quality reports on outdated systems is time consuming and inefficient. Using our inhouse developed customer care CRM – ‘Pinnacle CRM’ designed for use within food & drink brands with unique features not available currently with any other software, the brands reported vastly improved efficiency, accuracy, cost control as well as meaningful data reporting. All at a faction of the usage costs compared to some of the other generic software available in the market.

Enabling brands to sell to consumers directly

Using our extensive experience of contact management, database support and fulfilment solutions, we help manage the online shops and fulfil orders for a number of brands. We operate a highly skilled front and back end team who manage the entire journey from taking orders online or through other channel to processing and fulfilling the order with full visibility. Partnering with a number of trusted delivery providers, we can extend this activity as an alternate channel to brands with requirement big and small. We can also help with ebay shops and stock disposal.

Placing customers at heart for a growing food brand

For a leading supplier of snack items, managing the customer care experience within their own setup could not keep up with the growth of the brands. We were recommended to help rationalise the operation by taking over the customer care experience within a short timescale, which we successfully completed managing the entire transfer seamlessly to integrate within our own setup. The result was a customer centric, insight focussed service delivery with cost savings, management time savings as well as a up-to-date customer journey experience. A growing brand supported by a nimble, agile customer experience team.

Switching to us for an empathetic, soulful service at competitive rates

For a leading supplier of savoury products who had placed their marketing, creative, social and customer contact with a big outsourced contact centre, it soon became obvious that the straight jacketed, standardised approach with high set up and management fees was no longer feasible for this organisation with a portfolio of market leading but mature products, where cost rationalisation without compromising on customer care was paramount to their competitive advantage. We were recommended to establish a close working relationship with key contacts in delivering a tailored service by providing only what the brands needed and improving their experience. We successfully completed the transfer under tight deadline using our senior-most team. Within a short time started delivering quality output at much reduced outlay not to mention a vastly improved multi-platform customer experience..

Contingency support for sudden peaks and surges in activity

For several brands with small inhouse customer care operation, we provide an essential and integral back up and contingency service. Using our flexible set up we help manage peak period activity, planned or unplanned. This is handy also for supporting holiday periods or periods of staff shortage. This service can be combined with our Pinnacle CRM for a robust crisis and contingency back up. Brands benefit from such support also during product recall or any media or promotion related spike.

New Launch awareness activities

A brand using our services, wanting to launch new products to add to their growing popular range appealing to teenagers and young adults, organised a 6-week onpack and online competition designed to spread awareness regarding the launch. This was managed by us involving daily draws, sourcing, stocking and fulfilling all prizes, managing all responders and reporting on the results. We are pleased to report that the new launches went onto become a part of their range and are still sold in the UK. Once again, we managed this project on time and in budget, and took on the bulk of multi-agency liaising to deliver a successful engagement initiative.

Seasonal sales boost

To prevent sales from drastically petering out after the peak season for a brand that has a dominant seasonal sales pattern, it was decided to launch a branded collectable range that could be redeemed against acceptable proof of purchase in a specified time period. We sourced, stocked and redeemed the popular collectables, which helped in an upswing in sales and helped the factories in shifting stock. The popularity of the collectables prompted the brand to continue with these range on an ongoing basis. Another example of a short notice project delivered with success.

Nurturing brand advocates

For many brands we come up with proposals to harness contacts from across all channels to identify and nominate willing consumers who would go onto leading forum discussions and sharing their experiences as appropriate. This requires an in-depth understanding of the nature of the products and its customer base as well as triggers and key influences. Something that only a true engagement partner like ourselves can deliver.

Rewarding Loyalty

For most of the major UK-sold automotive brands that had signed up to this, we executed a consumer loyalty programme on behalf of all their dealerships that were part of this scheme. This complex database marketing project required an unmatched attention to details and tight quality controls to ensure correct brand representation and personalisation across all communication pieces. The integrity and efficiency with which we handled the project contributed to the high rate of sign up by the recipients, not to mention zero defects. Another example of how our experienced team is completely in tune with interpreting the brand personality and rigorous standards of heavy weight brands.

Reporting insights and trends for quality and brand image monitoring

For many of our multi-production sites with UK and foreign supply bases with hundreds of stock units, we manage the most elaborate technical and brand metric reporting, which is presented to their board directly. This is only possible because of the unfaltering dedication and constant vigilance of our team. Decisions are made and actions taken by brands based on the insight we provide, so it is only natural that we take this extremely seriously and begin with an extensive and comprehensive check to ensure that the input is 100% suitable for all calculations and trending. Almost all of our brands are benefitting from the incredible insight that becomes available, when you choose to work with our expertise, or use our CRM solution.

Reviving dormant customers

For a leading shopping channel, we devised and implemented a dormant customer reactivation programme which was at the heart of their retention marketing. Beginning with the data and complying with the opt-ins and necessary cleanse, armed with inspiring creatives that reflected the brand and its offer, we embarked on our mission to bring back its previous customers. Timing was critical and yet again we delivered using only the most senior and experienced of our account management team and some of our trusted agency partners. This was by far our most successful such campaign yielding 34% reactivation!!