Company Ethics and Core Values

Driven by customer requirements:

The very nature of our organic growth has been driven by what our customers want as well as the changes in nature of customer care. Our business areas and our core services have evolved over time to incorporate what our customer’s want and ask for. We do not believe imposing our systems and practices but rather moulding ourselves to our customer’s requirements. The results speak for themselves; majority of all new business is achieved through referral and recommendation.

Premium quality service at affordable pricing:

We believe in long term partnerships and treat all customers in a fair and honest way. Exorbitant fees, unnecessary add-ons and insisting on using expensive software are practices that we avoid. We continually monitor and optimise our costs and pass on the benefits to our customers.

Trust and confidentiality is key to our success:

Our customers trust us with their data and we take the security and confidentiality very seriously. Throughout the business we have measures in place to safe-keep, insulate, exclude and destroy with permission all data held in secure servers; with restricted access by authorised personnel only. Utmost attention to confidentiality and impartial use of any information are bedrock principles for us. It is our duty to protect all information and data supplied by our customers from unwitting disclosure, cross-contamination and unauthorized access, and we do so by instituting meticulous and responsible practices and complying strictly with the Data Protection Act 1998.

People are our assets:

The company recognises and embodies the principle that only satisfied and happy employees can maintain the highest level of customer service that we strive to attain all the time. The company provides adequate opportunity to widen each individual’s skills and provides continual training and assessment. There are plenty of opportunities to try new campaigns and work for other departments.

Diversity is a core ethic of our business and our work force adequately reflects this. Our employees come from different ethnic, gender and age backgrounds and this mix contributes to our rich pool of talent and skill set. The company complies fully with all legislation for employees, health and safety and environmental requirements.