Crisis & Contingency Support

Over the years we have been involved is assisting many food & drink brands through planned and unplanned spikes in contact volumes and other assistance required in such periods of intense activity, to protect the brand image. While many companies talk about planning and the theory of mitigating such risk, we can deliver practical solutions and share our knowledge of tactics useful for brand protection from experience.

Over the years we have helped brands during periods of heightened activity during:

  • Horsemeat scandal
  • Bird flu outbreak
  • Media coverage of hydrogenated fats, palm oil, MSG, GM crops and many others

Examples of product fault related surges we have helped manage:

  • Contamination of product
  • Faulty and damaged packaging
  • Missing and underfilled packs
  • Incorrect labelling
  • Deterioration in flavour
  • Recipe change related issues
  • We can also support during spikes following new marketing or media initiatives.
  • We can also support during product recalls or during short spikes in complaints.

Using our contact centre resource and superior systems, and most importantly a knowledgeable and experienced food customer care team, we can support during such peaks.

Although we can support in the case of unplanned crisis or surge, we offer packages to brands to help plan and mitigate these by having a contingency back up solution. Even if you normally deal with your customer care inhouse, we can still help you by providing a package to aid your inhouse team so that you do not have to worry about maintaining high overheads at all times, but can still avail our help during periods of such activity including staff vacancy or holiday cover.

Examples of product fault related surges we have helped manage:

  • Holiday or sickness or vacancy related cover requirement
  • Promotional, media and marketing initiative induced activity surge
  • Quality issues and product recall
  • Increased contact due to media coverage on issues impacting consumption or supply sourcing or lifestyle

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