Software & Reporting

Over the years our customer care team encountered the difficulty of using some of the available software and adapting these for providing a slick and efficient customer care with multiple feeds and functions and extracting meaningful reporting.

Using our inhouse software and database capability we designed a CRM for food & drink and refined it over time adding many useful features with direct application to the food and drink brands, not found in any other customer care CRM.

Pinnacle CRM:

Pinnacle customer care management system is currently being offered selectively to UK food and drink brands with inhouse customer care operations; packed with features to help the customer care journey management and accessing actionable data insights.

Pinnacle CRM is delivered as a service, backed by state-of-the-art secure Microsoft Azure infrastructure (data hosted in high security UK Data Centre and backed in UK & EU) through affordable subscription plans.

This system is geared to be a single repository of all customer care interactions and ultimately the ability to extract information for trend, escalation and technical & quality reporting

Designed to improve efficiency, transparency, security while maintaining ease of use our CRM is packed with features such as:

  • Facility to integrate with emails
  • Inbuilt knowledge library
  • Repository of all transactions
  • Superior administration control features and file imports
  • Automated alerts & trend monitors
  • GDPR related data control features
  • Secure hosted platform
  • No expensive hardware or IT support required
  • Flexible, scalable solutions to fit different budgets

In addition to the above our reporting capability extends to some widely used quality and trend reports that assist brands with monitoring and adjusting quality controls, such as:

  • Complaints per million
  • Moving annual total
  • Manufacture site statistics
  • Short-term trends
  • Early warnings and escalation alerts
  • Retailer specific reports

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